Ric-rac, soutache and braids

Italian braids, soutache and ric-racs manufacturer - 100% Made in Italy

The Roncari Piero company is a manufacturer of ric-rac, soutache and braids in different sizes and materials.

Braid, soutache and ric-rac articles:

  • Acetate braids
  • Raffia braids
  • Chenille braids
  • Cotton braids
  • Lamé braids
  • Linen braids
  • Fluorescent braids
  • Linen ric-rac
  • Chenille ric-rac
  • Ryon ric-rac
  • Cotton ric-rac
  • Elastic ric-rac
  • Fluorescent ric-rac
  • Jute ric-rac
  • Lamé ric-rac
  • Polyester ric-rac
  • Russian Braid in acetate
  • Russian Braid in cotton
  • Russian Braid in jute
  • Russian Braid in lamé
  • Russian Braid in linen
  • President braids
  • Folding braids

The Roncari Piero company manufactures its products using carefully selected yarns and materials. It also offers the possibility of creating ad hoc articles according to the customer specification as well as having a wide selection of products in their collection.