Cords and tassels

Italian ropes, cords and tassels manufacturer - 100% Made in Italy

The Roncari Piero company is a manufacturer of ropes, cords, tassels and tasselled cords made in different sizes and materials.

Ropes,cords and tassels articles:

  • Acetate cords
  • Cotton cords
  • Recycled cotton cords
  • Lurex cords
  • Jute cords
  • Linen cords
  • Raffia cords
  • Tasselled cords
  • Drawstrings
  • Polyester tubular cords
  • Acetate cords
  • Metal mesh cords
  • Rayon tassels
  • Faux-leather tassels
  • Jute tassels
  • Lurex tassels
  • Metal mesh tassels
  • Wool tassels
  • Lamé tassels

The Roncari Piero company offers the possibility of creating ad hoc cords, ropes and tassels according to the customer specification as well as having a wide selection of these articles in their catalogue.