Italian trimmings manufacturer - 100% Made in Italy

The Roncari Piero company is a manufacturer of classic trimmings made on crochet looms and with different types of yarns. These articles are traditionally used in furnishing to embellish curtains, cushions, sofas, or used for military uniforms, theatrical or ecclesiastical purpose. The demand for trimmings in the fashion sector is increasingly growing.

Different types of trimmings:

  • Acetate trims
  • Linen trims
  • Wool trims
  • Chenille trims
  • LamĂ© trims
  • Cotton trims
  • Recycled cotton trims
  • Folding trims
  • Chanel trims
  • Fringe trims
  • Elastic trims

The Roncari Piero company offers the possibility of creating ad hoc trimmings according to the customer specification as well as having a wide selection of trimmings in their catalogues.